Etiquette of UML in the Infringement of health data retrieving for Information Security

The worthwhile information is momentous to perform smooth activity for data retrieving. In the context of system analysis and design, the implementation of Unified Modeling Language (UML) has provided an approved notation for recording the relevant analysis models as well as output design. However, there are challenges regarding weaknesses in reporting the disapprover, bystanders, doubtful and infringement cases occurred. In this study, the practice of UML is applied to determine expedition function encompasses the development of system particularly for Information Security field. For this purpose, the approaches of Shaped language UML modeling and imaginativeness concept are utilized as the methodology to perform data retrieving during conducting analysis and design of the system. The utilization of this modeling technique conceded to assist the development of secure information system for the procedure of storing, retrieving and reporting health data yielded in the computerized structure. To sum up, this design approach has filtered secure admittance user and user consists of leaders to improve performance in system development phase. In the future, it is outstanding to consider effective strategies and take into consideration more etiquette features in performing smooth data storage to ensure high-speed data retrieving for Information Security.

KEYWORDS: Information Security, Unified Modeling Language (UML), infringement, health data, diagram model

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