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How to use the features of AU Hosting Micro DAW by Ju-x
AU Hosting Micro DAW
By Juno ju-x
Hosting AU is a 500kb DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) and can be downloaded at in the freebies section. This Micro DAW can host Audio Unit Plugins both effects and instruments, It can even record. The Instruments are made playable through what are called lazy keys they can be found by clicking on keys and it opens a new window and can become a minimized window. But first you need to load an audio unit instrument by clicking on the dot where on either of the tracks it says instrument.
Hosting Au doesn’t come with any instruments other than the ones that have come with your mac or have downloaded. Juno ju-x recommends a few good free ones including ju-x very own and unique Gimmick synth which offers a new way of synthesizing. More can be download online some many of them for free. Some good and reputable ones are tyrelln6 from u-he, futucraft’s kaira, magical eitght bit and minispillage etc. To add an effect you click on the dot where it says no effect on any of the tracks, again many can be download for free.
Once you load up instruments you can use your keyboard to type out music. Make sure that lazy keys are on. The instructions for the macro keys are listed z and x are to change the octave. C and v are to add velocity. B and n are to switch channels (instruments) or tracks. 1 is to bend the notes lower and 2 is to bend the notes higher. Keys 3-8 modify your instrument the best way I can explain it is that it adds an lfo or tremolo effect. Various keys between a-‘ are like your piano keys just imagine your keys are piano keys. Holding the shift button hold the sound for an infinite amount of time until you hit the space bar or change instruments.
The mute buttons do exactly that mute the intrument/track and have macro keys for that too 9 for track A, 0 for track B, – for track C, and = for track D.
The test sequence lets you hear a little preview of the instrument, it has a pitch slider.
The master/mixer track lets you add only effects that affect all of the tracks and lets you select an output source
Underneath the mixer track there is a tempo slider. An info widget it displays the current version you have, website, copyright,etc.
You can minimize it by pressing command+M and reopen it using command+0. All the instruments and setting will stay loaded.
Hit record and it will save your file I recommend keeping it short as it saves in wav. And can take up a lot of space if your are not careful.
It is fully compatible with midi sequencers especially ju-x’s sequera.
It is great if you want to preview plug ins but It can be used for things far greater.

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  1. sorry guys I was like 17 when I made this video. I was just a naïve little pupper. But if I get back into it I will make better quality videos next time around.

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