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This video is about KSH video live hosting policy I have explained about live hosting policy and all about salary of hosting.
ksh video is an short video app which will provide fix salaries to their users soon.
ksh video live hosting policy and salary detail is given below.

1. For Level A&B&C hosts,both video live task and game live task must be complied
respectively as mandatory, that is to say minimum 15 days and 40 hours of video live must
be reach and meanwhile minimum 3 days and 5 hours of game live also separately
2. Only more than onel1) hour 20 min live in 1 calendar day (GMT+5) can be counted as 1

3. Ksh has full right to use all kinds of content created in Ksh by Verified hosts for Ksh and
its owned products branding promotion, online or offline
4. Diamond exchange rate for diamond share: 70 Diamonds = 1 USD
5. Host income will be paid during the 15th and 20th day of the next month to host in the payment channel that Ksh appoints.
Salary, share and any other benefits are only to paid to the hosts who have fulfilled Ksh
7.Thanks for joining Ksh Video.

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