Online course hosting options | online course creation strategy

Ok you’ve created your online course and now you are wondering where to put it… how will people buy and work through your online course?

Or perhaps you are thinking about getting started and are worried about the techy stuff, and online course hosting is one of those worrying techy things that you just haven’t a clue about?

Well let’s kick that worrying out of the window shall we?
I’m here to cut through your learning curve when it comes to anything to do with creating, launching and selling an online course!

In this video I share the 4 key options for online course hosting, a few pros and cons and things to think about.

The biggest mistakes I see with course creators is that they either spend WAAAAAAAAAAAAY too long getting paralysed by googling and research and indecision caused by lack of knowledge and confidence, and it takes them MONTHS to actually make any kind of decision.
OR, they just stumble into the first thing they find and go with that – job done! errrr not!

I also share what my choice is for online course hosting, and why I use what I do. Given that I am a techy expert, you might be surprised with where I host my online courses.

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I look forward to helping you make your online course dream into a money making reality.

I’m cheering you on!
Sue xxx

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