OSPF Deep Dive

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Agenda: 00:01:13
Meet Your Instructor: 00:05:55
OSPF Theory and Terminology: 00:07:18
Neighbor Formation: 00:17:50
Metric Calculation: 00:24:15
Designated Routers: 00:29:26
Areas: 00:36:35
LSAs and Area Types: 00:42:22
Multi-Area OSPFv2 Configuration: 01:02:57
Network Types: 01:17:54
Route Filtering: 01:31:14
Route Filtering Demo: 01:33:59
Route Summarization: 01:41:13
Route Summarization Demo: 01:45:09
Virtual Links: 01:51:23
OSPFv3 Traditional Configuration: 01:55:33
OSPFv3 Address Families Configuration: 02:10:30
Authentication: 02:18:04

This video is a replay of a live session, where we covered every OSPF topic on Cisco’s CCNA, ENCOR, and ENARSI exams.

Enjoy the training!

13 thoughts on “OSPF Deep Dive

  1. Thank you very much Kevin for your dedication and generosity, as always giving quality stuff for those of us who are looking forward to improve our domain in networking, I registered for the webcast but was unable to catch it live, becuase of work issues, but it's really nice to have the chance of watching it on youtube afterwards ???

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