Steps to Install openSUSE

Demo by Linux Foundation. This video is about the steps to install openSUSE-LEAP-42.3, a member of the SUSE family version of Linux. Installation of the slightly newer OpenSUSE-Leap-15.1 would look … Read More

19c Oracle Database Installation on Windows Server 2016 | Local Account | Service Account

Domain – HQ — Administrator – HQadministrator (Should not Install using admin account) — Service account – HQmallik (We can Install with service account) Server – win16orcle — Administrator – … Read More

Linux user management

Welcome to Lunix user management Tutorial

Install Pi-Hole on Windows 10 Via WSL

#Pi-Hole #WSL #AdBlocker Full steps can be found at ——————————————————————– Installing WSL ——————————————————————– 01. Log into the Windows 10 device 02. Launch PowerShell as administator by right clicking the … Read More