Upgrading Microsoft Dataverse for Teams environments

This video shows how to upgrade Microsoft Dataverse for Teams environment to become a regular Dataverse environment. You will also learn, what changes after the environment is upgraded. Learn about … Read More

Webinar – Automating Patch Tuesday – January 2022

This webinar recording is for administrators who want to learn more about the latest Microsoft Patch Tuesday security patches and learn tips for automatically protecting your infrastructure from those vulnerabilities.

Zoneminder – an Open Source, Self Hosted surveillance system powerful enough for the Enterprise!

=== Links === Zoneminder Home https://zoneminder.com/ Zoneminder Downloads https://zoneminder.com/downloads/ Support my Channel and ongoing efforts through Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/bePatron?u=234177 === Timestamps === 00:00 Beginning 00:09 Introduction to Zoneminder 01:07 Thank you … Read More

100% Cloud Is Almost Here!!!

Azure AD supports a Native Kerberos Realm in the Cloud!!! This raises several important questions, like Why is an Authentication Protocol named after a dog? Why would Azure Active Directory … Read More


CARA KELOLA USER DI MICROSOFT 365 ADMIN CENTER Link admin portal https://portal.office.com/ Kata kunci youtube: microsoft,microsoft 365 administrator,microsoft 365 admin center,microsoft 365 admin portal,office 365,office,windows,microsoft office 365,office 365 administration,admin center,microsoft … Read More

Basic Computer | Network | Peer to peer | Client server| Internet | Intranet| Data Transmission|A2IT

Basic Computer Class |Network|Peer to Peer|Client server| Internet | Intranet| Data Transmission| What is computer , What is network , What is network architecture , What is peer to peer … Read More

Microsoft Azure für On-Prem Server Administrator:innen – Folge 1 – Intro zur Serie

Microsoft Azure für On-Prem Server Administrator:innen – Folge 1 – Intro zur Serie, genau um das geht es in diesem Video Link: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-server/manage/windows-admin-center/azure/ #Microsoft #Azure #AzureCertified