Hailey Bright TV Hosting Reel

TV Host Reel for Hailey Bright. Hailey is your go to girl for Millennials- from Fashion, Travel, Tech, Movies, & Video Games. Link to Hailey’s new 2018 Hosting Highlight Reel- … Read More

How to Use Slido Integrated in Webex | TUTORIAL

Your meetings can now grow even more interactive! With Slido in Webex, you have live polling and Q&A at your fingertips, without having to leave the meeting. In this video, … Read More


For those of you wondering what EXACTLY I do, or where I’m doing it… Take a look!! Hope you enjoy! xo ♥ SUBSCRIBE HERE (it’s free!): http://bit.ly/1gqib9O | http://instagram.com/zurihall | … Read More

Hosting A National TV Show?!

Hosting A National TV Show?! If you’re based in Ireland, you can now watch the entire two seasons of Ace My Space on the RTГ‰ player! I strongly recommend you … Read More