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The first official Escape From Tarkov Book – Predator – introduces us to another side of the Tarkov story we haven’t seen before. From the point of view of Denis, a Terragroup IT SysAdmin, who is left behind in Tarkov to fend for himself. Over the course of the book, Denis must forget his old life and become a hardened killer and we learn many new things about the world of Tarkov along the way….

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4 thoughts on “Tarkov Book Review – Predator – Full Spoilers | EUL Gaming

  1. I've purchased the second book and I quickly glanced through it, skimming through random pages and seeing if anything stood out to me. The second book is going to reveal A LOT and we are going to meet TONS of familiar faces. I'll leave you with one spoiler: We get to speak with, and find out more about Fence. 🙂 I'll post a review when I'm finished.

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